Cubing Preparation



There are many things that I do to prepare for cubing tournaments. I solve for multiple hours for the events that I will do and practicing down solves. While practicing down solves, I occasionally do slow solves too. I have gone to 3 competitions and each competition I have gotten better. I am now averaging low 15 seconds and hope to globally average sub 10 (averaging underneath 10 seconds[about world class.])


The first thing that I do is to just solve. I usually do all of the events I am going to do for the next competition I will do. I might go to Cubing Nationals 2018 in Utah. Nationals has every event so I will grab all the cubes that I compete in. I do about 100 solves on each cube so this is time-consuming For the algorithms that I struggle with, this gives me an opportunity to recognize oll cases easier and being able to finger trick them fast.


The last thing that I do is to practice down solves. Practicing down solves for me can increase my look ahead and will allow me to practice finger tricking my cross solution, along with x-cross solutions. Along with practicing down solves, I set up my cubes if I feel like a cube is too tight or too loose, setting up all of my cubes allow me to have each cube at the perfect tension for my turning style. Do you think that you want to be able to solve a Rubik cube? Post your opinion in the comments.


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