The Lion King Hero

My most favored hero would have to be Drew Brads, pyraminx world champion and 3×3 NAR (North American Record) holder. I would say that Drew is very kind just like Simba from the Lion King when he shares the food they hunt with the pride. At my second competition, Drew Brads showed me how to solve a skewb a more efficient way. I would only be able to solve a skewb in about 30 seconds, but when he taught me this method, I would be able to solve a skewb in 10 seconds now. I would say that Drew is indeed protective over the cubes he brings to the competition just like how Mufasa is protective over Simba in the valley. He would let people use his cubes but he would restrict people from using certain cubes, (probably his mains,) so that other people don´t mess with how he set up the cube. The last characteristic that I would describe Drew Brads with would have to be competitive just like Simba and Nala when they are ¨pinning¨ each other down towards the beginning of the movie. He is kind and all, but when he is solving, he   doesn´t back down. Drew would always look at the person next to him to see if they had a better time than he did. As you can see, there are many characteristics that Drew Brads has just like heroes from the Lion King. He is kind, protective, and yet competitive. These are some reasons why Drew Brads is my hero.

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